Jetski Tour

Jet Ski Ride in Dubai

GHT Dubai Always comes up with some of the great fun options for you and here we offer you the Jet Ski ride in Dubai. Here you will have the unlimited and ultimate water sports fun on your special and personal water craft. You could simply hit the waves, swing with them, crash against them and much more. We are making this tour memorable and appealing for you so you will have the best and never fading memories here in Dubai and can simply get the best of Dubai water sports.

Ultimate Water Adventure

It is really amazing to have the Jet Ski adventure all around the city and then view of Burj Al Arab from the sea thrilling on your very own water craft. This is completely safe and secure for you as we have made it possible that your security and safety should be at first. We let you to have the ultimate craziness over there so you will not have any regrets coming into your head any more. It is our commitment with you to bring you there and in a quality time you can experience this alone and with your friends and partners in rally as well.

Latest Water Crafts

To ensure the successful and effective Jet Ski ride in Dubai we use all the latest water crafts that are upgraded after every interval with every new release. All of them are insured and well maintained so that you will not have to face any kind of problem or issue in your adventure. We believe in quality and it is our first priority as well. Or partners in the maintenance of these crafts are really concerned about them and we ensure that these cars should have a proper security options for you as well.

Safety Guidelines

As much as water sport is thrilling at the same time it is risky as well. It is important to note that you have to be extra careful when you are going into the sea where eater level is deeper than normal routines. We make sure that before you state your adventure and water sport we use the sea level reading and forecasting as well. Along with that our professionals do train you about how you could save yourself and a monitoring team is always there with you to ensure your security.

  • Life jackets
  • Trainings
  • Safety guidelines
  • On the board surveillance
  • Sea level forecasting
  • Limit the safe go area

Get it now!

If you are afraid of any damage or danger that could comes to your way in the water then be relax as we make sure you will be save and have nothing other hand a pleasurable experience of your life. So, book for the Jet Ski ride in Dubai now and have all the fun that you deserve in Dubai Sea along with your friends and family as well. For more details and queries do contact us and stay connected through the social media accounts for more updates and alerts.

Dubai JetSki @200* AED

* Half-hour jet ski hire: AED 200

* One-hour jet ski hire: AED 300

* 90-minute jet ski hire: AED 400

Package Details:

  • Pick-up and drop-off to choice of hotel locations is also available (99* AED/ Extra)

Early Reservations are recommended.
Trip cancellation / amendment should be informed within 24 hours, otherwise 50% Cancellation Charges may apply.
JetSki tour can be cancelled due to bad weather conditions, government policies. However you will be offered alternative dates to have and enjoy your DUBAI beach JetSki Adventure.
Only Cash payment /Paypal

Parasailing in dubai


Parasailing in Dubai @ 300* AED

Looking for parasailing tour in Dubai? No need to go ahead, you are at exact place you are looking for. GHT lets you to have the complete view of adventure in Dubai, as it is a city of adventure and amusement so being here you should try out everything. We offer you the parasailing in Dubai at the best beaches around town with all latest equipments, techniques and trained instructors. At beach parasailing in Dubai is must it is a unique activity that gives you the best feeling of life for sure. Hanging up in the air over the sea water and moving with an attached boat make you feel happy. It lets you to capture the best photos of your as well.

Parasailing in Dubai

The Ultimate Beach

As being an ultimate perfection of everything Dubai do have ultimate beach that lets you to try out all water sports adventures. Parasailing in Dubai is such an amazing experience where you get all the best equipments and professionals to help you and take care of yours as well. It will be an amazing thing to watch out the city by flying half in the air and in water as well. We arrange the best parasailing for you and your friends according to your choice.

Parasailing in Dubai

It’s The Real Fun

If you visit Dubai for fun then parasailing in Dubai is suggested to you, it is the real fun that will really add up value to your whole Dubai trip. You will be flying over the sea and have the opportunity to capture the best pictures by your camera and also get your parasailing pictures captured by our photographers on your demand to make it a beautiful memory for you. You can have this crazy experience with your friends, family and a loved one as well and we will make this your life time memory for you.

Parasailing in Dubai

What we can do?

In the package of parasailing tour in Dubai we offer you the best and secured services that are not just claimed but meant. You can have the breath taking panorama view of Jumeirah Beach Dubai and have fun in your ride. It is not a hard kind of activity that will make you tired but it will simply let you to feel free and live the moment for sure. In our package you will get:

  • Selection of height from 500ft to 800ft
  • Single member, two or three member lifting together
  • Self photography
  • Mandatory photographs on demand
  • Full panorama view of the beach
  • Complete security and surety
  • And much more

Parasailing in Dubai

Don’t Miss It!

When you are getting a chance to experience the best Parasailing in Dubai then you should not miss it at any cost. We are offering you the best parasailing experience at the best cost with ultimate offers. Do; contact us now and app up another adventure to your life’s diary. Book your tour with us online and through direct calling as well. Do remember to make advance bookings in season timings and stay connected to us for more information and updates on Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp.


Dubai Parasailing @ 300 AED

* Parasiling in JBR (Jumeirah Beach Resort) @ AED 300

Package Details:

  • 15-20 Minutes of parasailing
  • Pick-up and drop-off to choice of hotel locations is also available on extra cost

Early Reservations are recommended.
Trip cancellation / amendment should be informed within 24 hours, otherwise 50% Cancellation Charges may apply.
Parasailing tour can be cancelled due to bad weather conditions, government policies. However you will be offered alternative dates to have and enjoy your DUBAI beach Parasailing Adventure.
Only Cash payment

Most Popular Desert Safari Tours in Dubai



Motor Bike Tour

Green Tours Dubai brings you the ultimate Motor Bike Tour Dubai that is another height of adventure and craziness for you here. As you can witness that in the city there is a rare culture of bikes, but going through the city headlights on a bike with your gang is something that gives you great pleasure. Moving on the road you can rarely find out any of the biker, most of the tourist companies are offering you the four wheeler tours options. But, here we are brining another experience for you on two-wheelers. You have a long day tour through the city individually or in the form of rally as well. Along with that you could enjoy the sand tracking with a monster sand motor bike as well.


Your Own Two-wheeler

The best part of the Motor Bike Tour is that you will have you very own motor bike and you can take it all around the city easily. We arrange a singular bike for you that will be under you possession for the time and you could have all the fun with it. On the other side we arrange a complete tour in a rally for you where you with your friends and many other bikers will join up a long journey throughout the city covering highways and much more. This will be really a great experience for you and you will really admire this kind of grand travel.


Our Ultimate Rides!

To give you the ultimate pleasure of biking on the Dubai roads we have some of the amazing rides in our possession. All of them include the best rides, including the monster bikes and heavy bikes as well. All of these are well maintained and are completely secure for you to drive. We prefer the insurance of these vehicles in order to ensure your safety during the Motor Bike Tour Dubai.


Perks In It!

In the tour there are a number of perks attached to it that will make you all the go and you definitely could not resist the offer we are presenting you. We bring everything in a way as you dream and more importantly do not putting any extra burden on your pocket and disturbing your budget.

  • A long road journey
  • Perfect rides with all latest promotions
  • Safety options and guidelines
  • Flyer bike tours
  • Official and personal photography
  • Much more…


Be Excited!

Bikes are enough to excite any person around the world and here is a chance of complete Motor Bike Tour Dubai that is much more than just excitement. So, be ready and pull up yourself to touch the height of craziness and experience the bikes in Dubai along with other stuff. To make your bookings or to get more details about the tour and other options contact us now through online and offline means. Stay connected to our social media hub for further information and promotion alerts by our company to boost your tourism experience in Dubai.


Note: Early Reservations are recommended. Group bookings and exclusive can be arrange on request, please inquire the rates

Shopping Tour

GHT Dubai offers you the Shopping Tour Deals in Dubai, as Shopping is a must thing when you are in Dubai because it is a shopping center around the globe. We offer you to have the ultimate pleasure with you shopping by providing you the best deal for the shopping tours all around the city with all major and minor markets. As it is not a big deal to find out shopping centers over here but the best thing is that you could identify the perfect places where you can get the stuff of your choice and we are here to solve this problem of yours.


The Ultimate Market Places

Being the center of the glob and a great market place for all business Dubai hold a number of market places that not only includes the international centers but also the local markets as well. The international centers do have their own attraction for you but the real sensation comes with the local markets of Dubai that lets you to experience the original and real flavor of the city. Here you could find out a number of things that will keep you mesmerized and you will surely want to have then in your cart. In the Shopping tour package you will get an ultimate chance to be at these places and enjoy some of the exotic shopping there.



TheShopping Tour Deals in Dubai is not just an entertainment for you but it also includes some essential information as well. As our experts are always there with you in order to let you know about the best markets according to their specialties and also let you know where you can find out the best stuff of your choice. We do not bind you to the limited are in fact you can go ahead where ever you want to go according to your need. We are always there to make it a great shopping experience for you that are in the combination with infotainment become exclusive as well.


Classic Shopping Experiences

We makes sure that your will have an amazing shopping time that will let you to collect all of your necessities easily. On the tour you can have the ultimate options to shop around so many things for you, your family and friends as well. The best part of the tour is that you will be provided with a number of options about shopping and you can simply go ahead with them. In the shopping tour you will get:

  • Personal luxury car with a driver
  • Guided schedule for the shopping
  • Best guidelines about the stuff and prices
  • Day and time of our choice
  • Unlimited malls and market places to cover
  • Much more…


Let’s Go!

If you want to have the best and ultimate shopping Experience in Dubai then obliges our Shopping Tour Deals in Dubai. This will let you to experience the best from all brand stores to the local markets as well. Dial us now and get you bags stuffed with a lot of shopping.


Note: Early Reservations are recommended. Group bookings and exclusive can be arrange on request, please inquire the rates

Open Bus Tour

Green Tours Dubai offers you the ultimate Open Bus Tour in Dubai on a luxury bus that is especially designed for the tourists and support all your photography and video graphs as well. We make sure that you will have relaxing tour all around Dubai in the bus with a number of stops and refreshments as well. It is one of the most convenient and interactive ways to get instant around up all around the city that is widely used all around the world. We are the proud introduces of the trend in Dubai and have maintained a level of our services.


Dubai in Bus

For the Open Bus tour we have designed some special buses that are extremely safe and comfortable so you can have the perfect look over Dubai form the bus. It has a specified route that leads to destinations following each other and the professional guide also explains you about the places and their details as well. It seems to be really realistic and amazing having the best view of so many buildings and places in an open bus throughout the city and having the best options to capture the moment in your camera lens.


Versatile Experiences!

In our Open Bus Tour in Dubai you will get to experience versatile things on your account. Here are a number of things that you might not be able to experience in your random tours but here only. It is to copy that every tour has its own specialty and the open bus allows you to do different stuff that is:

  • Burjuman Centre (meeting point)
  • Dubai Museum
  • Old Souq
  • Jumeirah Mosque
  • Dubai Zoo
  • Mercato Shopping Mall
  • Jumeirah Public Beach
  • Wild Wadi
  • Burj Al Arab
  • Souk Madinat Jumeirah
  • Atlantis The Palm
  • Mall Of The Emirates
  • Time Square Centre
  • Dubai Mall
  • Burj Khalifa
  • Emirates Tower
  • Dubai International Finance Centre
  • Dubai World Trade Centre
  • Al Garhoud Bridge
  • Deira City Centre
  • Bur Dubai Creek Corniche
  • Al Bastakiya

We offer you the open bus tour on your personal scale or in a group with others as well. You can have your own personalized bus for sure in case of a huge number of people and we will manage things for you according to your choice.

All Time Hit Destinations!

In the one day tour we will bring you to all of the major destinations around town including all the historical artifacts and much more. The most important thing is here you can experience the road side view of Burj Al Arab and other major attractions as well. This will let you to explore more about the city life here and hit the other things as well. It will be a nonstop tour but there will be some stays at the major places to make your refreshed and let you to make some memories over there.


Ready to Ride!

Be bready to experience another view of Dubai, we offer you day and night Open Bus Tour in Dubai that would be a simple and exotic attraction. So, plan up today and gather up all your members together to have a personalized open bus booked for you and roam around the city to get amused with all of its beauty and attractions. For more details and bookings contact us on the given details.


Note: Early Reservations are recommended. Group bookings and exclusive can be arrange on request, please inquire the rates

Ras Al Khaima Tour

Green Tours Dubai presents you an eventful Ras Al Khaimah Tour Dubai that will take you to the East side of Persian Gulf and let you to experience the extreme beauty and adventure together. Just like the name that referred to the meaning of “Top of the Tent” the Ras Al Khaima is simply at the top. Here you could have the fun and adventure of all kinds; whether it is about the water sports or the sand safari you can have everything over here. The tour simply makes it all good and smooth for you to have the best time of your life at this exotic place for sure.


Historic Views

Ras Al Khaimah owns several historical and archeological buildings and monuments that depict the human civilization of about 3rd millennium BC. It will be a great tour for you to have the best and in depth study and information about Arabian civilization here along with entertainment.


Major Attractions

In the Ras Al Khaimah Tour Dubaiyou get to encounter a number of diversified destinations that gives you a different experience every time. It will be eventful for you to be there and enjoy every moment over here whether it is a desert area or the sea as well. Along with all the natural beauties you will also witness a number of recreational points that are developed to amuse and entertain you.

  • Bassata Desert Village
  • Prince of Sea
  • Ras Al Khaimah Equestrian and Adventures Club
  • Iceland Waterpark
  • Ras Al Khaimah Sailing Academy
  • Al Hamra Marina & Yacht Club
  • Falcon Show in Banyan Tree Al Wadi
  • Bedouin Oasis Desert Camp
  • Water Sports
  • Saqr Park
  • and much more….


Perfect Combination of Events

In your tour to Ras Al Khaimah you will get to interact with a number of different locations and destinations as well. At once you will have an amazing encounter with the historical places and on the other hand you will have ultimate fun at desert and also in the sea water at the same time. It seems to be a lot of fun and a memory fiesta that simply make up your day and give you a lot of memories as well. It will be a perfect combination of events in one goes where you merge up with a lot of things and events as well.


Visit Now!

With our promise of ultimate services at affordable prices we are offering you the best Ras Al Khaimah Tour Dubai that will be always a good memory for you. You could enjoy all the fun with your partner, friends or family as well. Stepping outside Dubai and having some high level fun is just simply that you do not fin on regular basis but we are providing you the chance. Contact us to get the bookings done for your tour or inquire more about the details and stuff as well. You can freely contact us round the clock 24/7 for details, bookings and queries as well. Moreover to that join us on social media active accounts to get the updates and more details as well.


Note: Early Reservations are recommended. Group bookings and exclusive can be arrange on request, please inquire the rates

Fujairah Tour

Green Tours Dubai brings you the Fujairah Tour Package in Dubai, it is an opportunity for you to get far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and have some natural and pure time there. Passing through the calm and lush green fields of Sharjah, Dhaid and Masafi to be at the Hajar Mountains will be an amazing experience for you that will let you to have some deep down refreshments. Along with that the adjacent local markets lets you to have some traditional shopping there and know more about the lifestyle and civilization of people over there. It will be a complete package for you to have a clam and soothing tour around the corner and get pleasure in it.


Pure Village View

This is a chance for you to enjoy one day in the village of desert enjoying the life of a village and exploring all of the secrets here. Alongside the village view you will get to visit a number of destinations there that have their own importance in the history of Fujairah. One day long trip is not that much long but full of events that makes you excited and lets you to keep the memory lane filled with them.


Some Legacy!

In the Fujairah Tour Package in Dubai you will get to visit some of the amazing legacy of town, here in the tour we will visit the Bithna Forte that was built up by the Portuguese in the 16th century and more over to that there are a lot of upcoming places such as the oldest Othman Mosque of UAE is coming in your way forward. This will be an amazing rejoicing and historical journey that you will pass through the day and earn a lot of memories in the coming time for sure.


We will take you to!

Among all of the attractive destinations we will take you to most of them that will come into our way and give you a brief introduction and history about the places and events happen there. It wills not just a visit but a deep down study of the places and events as well. The major attractions that will be covered by the tour on the priority basis are:

  • Al-Bidyah Mosque
  • Sheikh Zayed Mosque
  • Fujairah Fort
  • Hilton Fujairah
  • Al-Hayl Castle
  • Bull Butting
  • and much more…


For more Details

You will get a number of perks all around the Fujairah Tour Package in Dubai along with the amazing destinations:

  • Personal Guide
  • Elaborative explanation of events
  • Visits to all common and specialized places
  • Long day tour with a lot of fun
  • A Shopping and much more


Contact us now for more inquiries and bookings as well, as we are planning a perfect tour to the Fujairah in every minute for out prestigious customers. We are promised not to compromise on your entertainment, luxury, comfort and satisfaction as well. So, be connected to us through all the online and offline means and do follow us n social media networks for further updates and highlights.

Note: Early Reservations are recommended. Group bookings and exclusive can be arrange on request, please inquire the rates

Alain Tour

Green Tours Dubai brings you a chance to visit the oasis Al Ain City Tour Dubai in Emirates that is one of the oldest settlements in the region. It is really amazing to find out such lush green land in the desert that up hold a number of public parks and green houses to mesmerize the visitors with its beauty. It will be an amazing experience of your life to visit the place that is fully covered by the greenery all around you and more other to that you will have a number of other adventure options around town.


The Ultimate Wonder

At the Al Ain City the view of life just got turn into a new vision, here you not only witness the sand scales but also get to see huge area covered with the ultimate greenery. In the desert having such beautiful place is just a wonder itself. It is enough to capture you thoughts and makes you realize the diversity of beauty around the world. Along with that there are a number of other perks attached to the tour. Here you will have a number of adventures and recreational places that are enough to enjoy your tour throughout the city.


Know More about the Ship of the Dessert

In your Al Ain City Tour Dubai the best thing happens to you will be the increase of your information about the ship of the desert. The small town market place is known for the best and ultimate breeds of camels here. You can find out a number of unique and never seen before breed that will be enough to make you happy and wonder as well. Here you can get more and more information about them too by the professionals and also can experience the difference. In fact here you can get enough information about the camels so you can generate your own encyclopedia about them and then surely get famous in your circles.


Premium Attractions

Apparently, Al Ain City seems to be an attraction for greenery only, but apart from that is small but beautifully and complete city have a number of destinations that will attract you. We have selected all the top rated and amazing destinations that will be a great perks for you in the whole tour.

  • Jebel Hafeet Mountains
  • Al Ain National Museum
  • Al Ain Palace Museum
  • Al Ain Zoo
  • Hili Archaeological Park
  • Al Ain Oasis
  • Al Ain Raceway


Get the Guide!

To experience something different and unique that will makes you happier and give you some of the amazing memories to capture in your mind let us plan up Al Ain City Tour Dubai for you now. To get the bookings and the best guide contact us now and we are always there to make it up for you in all the cases. Our guides and professionals are never on a leave they are always ready to take you for some of the amazing tours around Emirates. Contact us through mail, call or using the whatsapp as well.

Note: Early Reservations are recommended. Group bookings and exclusive can be arrange on request, please inquire the rates

Sharjah Ajman Tour

Sharjah Ajman Tour

Green Tours Dubai presents you Sharja Ajman City Tour Dubai that gives your trip to Dubai another vision and lets you to explore something new. We are always been very concerned towards your entertainment and to make sure that you will always find out some of the best nature’s secrets and explore something new. Visiting one place again and again is not your style and we understand that. That’s why we offer you a number of destinations and Sharja Ajman city tour is a part of it. Here you will have a number of destinations that will make you amazed and happy as well.


Expand your Vision

If you are an explorer then we are letting you to expand your vision now and have a look outside Dubai. Although, it will be a short four hour tour from the cultural roundabout but will be full of adventure, information and explorations for sure. You are going to witness some of the exotic beautiful sense of the small town of Emirates. On your way back you will get a chance to satisfy your shopping craving at the local market where you can find out almost everything form gold to the common household item. Here you can experience the shopping into a completely different form.


Look Out for More

Although Sharja Ajman City Tour in Dubai will be a tour to a small town as compare to Dubai and many leading destinations in Emirates but for sure it is a pleasurable tour for sure. Here you will get to experience all the small details about the cultural versatility of Emirates and many other facts about the civilization and history too. This will be an amazing and even more attractive as in the minimum time you will get to have the best visits.


Beautiful Chain of Destinations

In your tour to Sharja and Ajman City you will have some nonstop destinations that will come back to back throughout your journey to please and amaze you. Here the destinations have made up a chain for you so you will not get bored for sure and will have a long list to complete that will for sure really very interesting too. The list of destinations includes:

  • King Faisal Mosque
  • Al Ithad Monument
  • The Rulers Old Palace
  • The Natural History Museum and Archeological museum
  • Blue Souk, One of the most well known of Sharjah Souks, located on the edge of the lagoon, with its beautiful mosaics and traditional style
  • Ajman, another neighboring city. A visit to Ajman’s impressive museum, housed in an old fort, which depicts traditional life before the discovery of oil.
  • and lots more…


Book Now!

To have some other views about the Emirates and to discover that how Ajman looks traditionally before the discovery of oil here do make up a visit over here. There will b a lot of secrets that you can revel about the places and get to study the Arabian civilization and tradition to a close extent. So, book your Sharja Ajman City Tour Dubai timings with us now and feel free to ask for more details and further inquiries. Our professionals are always available to make you satisfy and deliver you the best answers of all the time. We are available around the year 24/7.


Note: Early Reservations are recommended. Group bookings and exclusive can be arrange on request, please inquire the rates


Abu Dhabi Tour

Abu Dhabi City Tour

Green Tours Dubai offers you to have some extreme exploration in Emirates by the Abu Dhabi city tour package. It is a city that has been undiscovered for long but now people are getting it into their focus and exploring it as well. Abu Dhabi City Tour holds a number o amazing destinations and attractions into it that not only Attraction the tourists but also makes them spell bound to its beauty. We offer one day tour to the Ultimate city where you can find out more about its civilization and get to visit all of the ultimate places over there.

A Journey to Discovery

Once you are done with the amazing beauty of Dubai now it is the time or explore something new and looking for the stuff that makes you even more excited. In Abu Dhabi City Tour  you will get some other piece of information and adventure for sure. The city gives amazing view of aquatic life that simply makes you speechless and you are going to have more and more. Here you can have a journey of discovery of the nature’s beauty.

Hit the List

In our Abu Dhabi city tour package we have made up a list to hit that contains some of the exotic and all of the major destinations and visiting points here in Abu Dhabi City Tour. It is your time to hit that list and get to know that what is waiting for you in the city. We makes sure that during the tour you will get to have the best view of all the palaces and can enjoy to the fullest level.

Eventful Package

Abu Dhabi City Tour Package
Abu Dhabi City Tour

The city tour package is simply an eventful one for you that your day will starts form Dubai and on the way to Abu Dhabi City Tour you will get to visit the grand mosque. For the narration and guidance about everything there will be a personalized driver over there that will let you know each and every major and minor detail. As you proceed in the city everything will come in symmetry, along with the sightseeing you will have adventure, sport, shopping food and many more. By the end of the day you could be tired but you will never regret that tiredness or the expense you bear against this amazing entertainment, information and exploration.

Abu Dhabi City Tour

Abu Dhabi City Tour
Abu Dhabi City Tour

Ask For More!

According to your choice we arrange the group and individual tours for you so you can have the fun according to your requirements. We are offering Abu Dhabi city tour package just to make sure that you can enjoy some other sides of Emirates easily and explore new things as well. For more information and bookings you can dial us, write us and visit us as well freely. We are on for your service all around the year without a break.

Package Details:

  • Sheikh Zahid Mosque
  • Drive through world’s biggest man-made jebel ali port
  • Abu dhabi Corniche
  • Marina mall
  • Abu dhabi Heritage Village
  • Presidential Palace
  • Abu dhabi Market
  • Emirates Palace
  • Drive through Ferrari world Theme Park

Early Reservations are recommended.
Trip cancellation / amendment should be informed within 24 hours, otherwise 50% Cancellation Charges may apply.
Children below 3 Years of age are Free of Charge. Above 3 years will be charged same as adult.
Only Cash payment /Paypal