Limo Services

Limo Services

GHT Dubai always consider all your traveling and tourism needs for sure, we offer you ultimate Limousine services in Dubai that will makes your stay and travel here comfortable and easy as well. We are committed to provide the best tourism services and for those guests to Dubai who need ultimate and relaxed transportation we offer them our elite services. At our place we own the best limousines along with insurance and maintenance certificates handled by the professional and experienced drivers of Dubai. No matter for what purpose you need it, you will have it instantly.

Light on Pocket

Considering the economic potential of our guests we have made our services really very economical for them. You could have the best services at very affordable prices and also get the complete satisfaction as well. Our customers are precious for us and we make sure that they will have the best services according to their requirements and expectations. The features that justify our services and the cost we charge are:

  • Latest and well maintained limousines
  • Instantly on service
  • Trained and professional drivers
  • Insurance vehicles along with registration
  • Certified and authorized services
  • Cover wide areas for traveling
  • Available on all timings
  • Offers single pick and drop plus personalized tours
  • Many more

Instant Availability

You could be in the need of our services any time, so we make sure that you will get it on time. Our drivers along with the vehicles are the entire time ready to serve you on your one call. We ensure that the limo will be at your service in the decided time and bring you to your destination safely. In case of any problem on the route or with the car another vehicle is available to you or the driver will be guided to have another route to make things even in the mean time.

Classic Luxury

Limousine services in Dubai we offer you is a classic luxury; you can have your own style and enjoy your traveling with complete luxury. In Dubai whenever you move in limousine it makes you happier as here you can enjoy its real ride easily. It is not just about your looks or showing off but about your satisfaction and comfort as well. You can have another car too but the limo is the one that comes with a package f ultimate luxury and content.

Book in Advance

Out booking lines are open always, you can make some emergency bookings as well through any online and offline means easily. In case of having the perfectly managed services make sure that you make some advance bookings. In the season time it could be possible that you might have to wait for a little long. We not only offer you the pick and drop but also let you to have Limousine services in Dubai for your whole stay or visits to any other places as well. no matter if you just want to roam around, attend a party, going for long drive or anything else, give us a call and stay relaxed.

Note: Early Reservations are recommended. Group bookings and exclusive can be arrange on request, please inquire the rates

Tours With Transfer

Tours with Transfer

GHT Dubai make sure that you will have an amazing tourism experience in Dubai, your tour just not based on the places you visit but if you have the best Dubai Tours with Transfers facility then you can enjoy this to the fullest. Here we offer you our ultimate services in the field of transportation and transfers as well. We make sure that you will have the comfortable journey from airport to hotel and other destinations until your departure from Dubai. Along with the best planned tours in Dubai we offer you have the affordable and luxury transportation facility by our experienced drivers in secured vehicles.

For Your Move

In our whole trip we are by your side always, not just making your special tours memorable but also letting you to have easy movement around town for shopping, visiting, sightseeing and many more. You can have a comfortable ride for you that will let you to more in the city for different jobs easily and you do not have to bother for anything. Wherever you are and whenever you need we are there to serve you in all the possible ways.

Just Like Your Personal Vehicle

It feels good when you are abroad and enjoying all your basic utilities same as your home, our Dubai Tours with Transfers facility lets you to feel the same. Out fleet is not only available to you for your tours if you get the transfers booking too then you will get the fleet at you service all the time. You can have it and more freely in town, our dedicated and qualified driver will not only bring you at different places but guide you about the places as well.

A Complete Coverage!

We give you a complete coverage of all your traveling and tours around town and many other destinations. You could have a fleet around you all the time on your demand that will make your movements easy and comfortable. The perks and benefits attached to are simply influential for you:

  • Insured and secured ride
  • Professionally trained and experienced driver cum guide
  • All time availability like a personalized one
  • Suggestions and advices for best places
  • In time services
  • Fully committed
  • Emergency bookings supported
  • Alternative route selection to reduce time consumption
  • Affordable rates and packages

Book Exclusively!

The Dubai Tours with Transfers facility is exclusively available for all our clients on their demand. The best part over here is that we offer you to have a brief tour to the city along with the transfers. If you hire us to travel from airport to the hotel then we will give you a glimpse of the beauty of the city along with the journey and you could get to have a look at the beauty of Dubai from your car easily. If you are on one day tour then this is the best offer that we can make to you. Also on your way back to home after all the adventures and fun this will be an amazing opportunity for you to recall everything.

Note: Early Reservations are recommended. Group bookings and exclusive can be arrange on request, please inquire the rates

Hotels Booking

Hotels Booking

GHT Dubai has made it easier for you to make the Hotels booking by the Hotels Booking Services in Dubai. To avoid facing some of the crucial problems with your hotel bookings and even by getting so many reviews you are not able to get the best one then contact us for sure. We have so many hotels enlisted with us that are pro in Dubai and have amazing reputation in the business. We make sure that you will get the best bookings at the best hotel according to your desire and need. Even in the on-season timings we are committed to the hotels and make sure that our clients will have the best rooms and services available to them on demand and make their stay secure and safe too.

From Elite to Budget

We book a hotel for you according to your demand; form the elite and the only seven star hotels in the world Burj Al Arab to all the other budget hotels of Dubai. According to your plans and requirements we made it possible for you to have the easy and instant bookings. In our lists you could find out all the upgraded and top ranked hotels of Dubai that are categorized according to the budget and services as well. From the catalogue you can simply select the one that chose you and by filling your demand you can be relax as we are taking it further now.

Fully Secured

We made Hotels Booking Services in Dubai fully secured for you as for the new people there are a number of chances for the fraud and scam as well. The first and foremost hesitation involved in your decision is due to not being sure about the services and security at the hotel. But, our Hotels Booking Services in Dubai makes you sure that whatever hotel you select will be the best and give your premium services in a completely secured and hygienic environment as well.

Quality Priority

As in our services we make sure that you will get quality services and get the best experience throughout your stay in Dubai. Being an all rounder we make it possible that all of the services we offer you hold quality as a prior characteristic in them.

  • Ultimate hotels enlisted
  • Prior bookings
  • Emergency bookings available
  • Just as you demand
  • Secured and reliable
  • Perfect packages
  • Many more

Feel Free to Bid!

To plan up a perfect Trip to Dubai make sure that you will call the right Hotels Booking Services in Dubai so you will get the best place to rest. We are open around the year to answer your queries and bookings as well. Get the hotel details and bids according to your plans our professionals are always there to suggest you the best packages and hotels according to your budget, theme and other requirements as well. We do not only claim to be best but make sure that our clients will get the best.

Note: Early Reservations are recommended. Group bookings and exclusive can be arrange on request, please inquire the rates

Airport Transfers

Airport Transfers

GHT Dubai is the proud presenters of ultimate Airport Transfers Services in Dubai with a complete professional approach. We present you a one stop solution for all you tourism needs and utilities along with the problem solving during your tours. We ensure that anything that is related to traveling and transfers should be of elite class and satisfactory for all of the clients. We own the best fleet that are fully maintained and driven by the qualified and experienced drivers so there is no chance of any flaw in the services as well. You time is precious for you and us as well so we never make it happen to be wasted.

Personalized and Corporate

We offer you a wide range of services that are served with equal potential to all the corporate and personalized clients. We are expert in managing all the personalized picnics, tours, picks and drops from the arrival to the departure form the Dubai. For your family and friends torus we offer you the ultimate options in our services. On the other side considering the business view of Dubai we offer the corporate sector the professional and stud kind of services for their clients, partners, visitors, conferences, meetings and parties as well.

Timely Services

Time is the real wealth and we believe in saving it at large, we are reputed in providing our in time Airport Transfers Services in Dubai . Whether it is about any personalize tour or a corporate transfer we are always ready with our team to make it on time so our clients will be at their place in no time and have complete satisfaction as well. Even in the emergency bookings we make sure to take possibly minimum time to reach to the client by using alternative routes and perfect mobilization of the drivers in the relevant area.


We are specialized in the airport transfer services and have the experience of dealing with any kind of emergency situation as well. In our services we cover a wide range of traveling and transfer options for sure in order to make things balanced and applicable for our clients.

  • Express pick and drop from and to airport
  • Hotel traveling
  • Specialized tours around town
  • Transferring services for parties, conferences and meetings
  • Receiving delegations formally from airport
  • Long routes trips
  • Many more

Bookings Open!

To grab the best Airport Transfers Services in Dubai book us now! We offer 24/7 services with not break or holiday to keep you satisfied. Out support system goes easy with the emergency and instant bookings but there are some conditions apply related to the venue and other important factors. It is recommended to make pre bookings in order to avoid any kind of issues and delays in the services. For the group bookings and long route tours the advance bookings are preferred as it makes things easier to manage comfortably. We make sure that your traveling will be comfortable and affordable for you and do not put any burden on your budget.

Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum Tour


GHT Dubai presents you the Dubai Museum Tour Package that will not be just like an educational trip for you but let you to have another fun side. For all the tourists who love to know the historical backgrounds of the places we offer this tour where you get to know more about different places and also will explore new facts. The tour is designed as a picnic that will also contain some of the refreshments and other activities that let you to relax your mind. Along with that a lot of chances of photography at the points and collect more information through videography and interview as well. You will have a great guide over there that will provide you the required price of information.

Know More about Dubai

The Dubai museum carries a number of histories and secrets inside that could let you know more about Dubai. This could be an amazing chance you will get with your personal guide who will let you know everything about it in detail and also bring you to the each and every corner of the museum. This will helpful for you to know about the history and the background of the city that will let you to build up your different approaches towards the city. It will be an amazing trip that will let you to know what is the city about in actual and you can still find out some of the historical traces in the present civilization of Dubai in detail.

Information Exploration

If you are along with your kids or have great interest in the cultivation and history then Dubai Museum Tour Package is the best one for you. We make sure that in this one day tour package you will get to grab as much as you can information in the shortest time. This will be really helpful for you to finalize your next destination as you will also get number further headings that you are a great sensational for you. Other than the information you could find out a number of wonders over here that makes the place more attractive.

Central Points

The Dubai Museum is a centralized place that gives you the best view of the whole Dubai at once. You can get to know the information at once here you want. You could find out:

  • Souks
  • Marine life
  • Mosques
  • Galleries
  • And many more

In the package there is a one day long tour along with the refreshments and many other warm up activities that will simply increase you interest in the tour.

Book Now!

It will be an amazing and informative for you to have Dubai Museum Tour Package. We are making this super informative trip exciting for you that you will not get bored at all and will get the adequate information about the stuff over here and enjoy it as well. To grab another view of the city and to know more facts about it book your tour now with us and have the unlimited information and entertainment as well.

Note: Early Reservations are recommended. Group bookings and exclusive can be arrange on request, please inquire the rates

Aqua Water Park

Aqua Water Park


GHT Dubai offers you an amazing day by having Aqua water Park Tour in Dubai this will be defiantly an amazing day of your life. Here you will get all the amazing water sport, adventure and fun together surrounded by the beautiful environment and many more. We make sure that our prestigious clients who love water and want to experience some cool time in hot Dubai they should get it right on demand and enjoy to its fullest. The package includes a number of activities over there that is simply an ideal time for you, your family and the friends as well. It is the best place to have any kind of fun with your buddies along with you no matter what is the age group there is unlimited fun after all.

Next level Marine Adventure

At the Aqua Park Dubai you will get the best marine adventure experience with beautiful under water tunnels and amazing sea water creatures. You can find out a huge number of fishes another sea creatures of different species that will definitely mesmerize you and increase you knowledge as well. If you do not like water then it will be amazing to pass through the glass tunnel and watching all the fishes and other sea animals that close without being in water. On your demand you can get a chance to go in and dive with your favorite sea creatures and touch them and feel them as well.

Meet with your New Friends

At the Aqua water Park Tour in Dubai you will get a chance to make up a lot of new friends in open water pool. There are a number of dolphins that are known for their best and friendly nature with human. You can have a complete sports session with them in the water and outside as well. Especially for the kids it is an amazing moment as they learn to get bond with the creature that could not say a world but could express the happiness, love and care so easily. It will be the most memorable event and interaction for you throughout the visit to the Aqua Park.

Its Aqua venture!

It is all about being adventurous, in Dubai at one side when you get to enjoy all the sand adventure sports on the other side you have equal chances to enjoy the Aqua sports and adventures there. Here is a complete arrangement for you that will delight you in all the manners. There are aqua slides, swimming pools, water sports, games with dolphins, diving and many more. You will get in the tour:

  • Aqua sports
  • Dive into the sea tunnel
  • Water slides
  • Ultimate rides
  • Dolphin’s sports
  • Much more….

Book Now!

To rejoice yourself with all water sports and have the best experience of aquatic interaction in your life book for Aqua water Park Tour in Dubai now. We are looking forward to make thing in a perfect stream for you by making them memorable for life.

Note: Early Reservations are recommended. Group bookings and exclusive can be arrange on request, please inquire the rates

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab Tour


GHT Dubai brings you a chance to have Burj Al Arab Tour in Dubai; it is your chance to visit an amazing landmark that holds the only seven star hotels around the globe. It is one of the finest corporate sectors as well and also an identification of Dubai. Here you will get to visit the Burj personally and can gather all the information about it even can experience different modes over there. It has a tourist place as well that is specially designed for the coming tourists who are eager to know more about the Burj and its functions over here.

Signature Restaurants

The Burj Al Arab contains a number of floors and there are numerous businesses and activities happen there but more importantly there are a number of Signature Restaurants over there. These restaurants are the major attraction for the food lovers over here; you can enjoy world’s best cuisines prepared by the ultimate chefs over here. These are of top class restaurants because here they get the foodies from all around the world and provide the best environment to enjoy your food. You can have food over here according to your need and likens and can experience the ultimately royal and classy lunch or dinner experience over here.

Ultimate Luxury

Along with that the tour includes the hotels and lets you know about the luxury that is being offered here. The Burj AL Arab is known for its ultimate luxury services and well maintained repute. And you can experience that how they manage all of these luxuries and services in the go to make their customers and visitors happy.

Corporate Lives

Along with the hotels and restraint the Burj have huge corporate sectors over there that is always work form here. These are the offices and head quarters of different companies that are being working from here. It is your chance to experience the corporate lives in the Burj by having the Burj Al Arab Tour in Dubai. The tour will be enough to make you aware about all the functions and activities happen there.

Amazing Beauty

Along with all of the activities happens here you will be mesmerized by the beauty of the Burj Al Arab. It is amazingly designed and constructed elegantly in order to mesmerize the visitors all over again and again. If you chose to visit there on the events like new years or other celebrations ten you can experience the best firework show over there that will enhance the beauty of the tower and make your day for sure.

Visit with Us!

We are offering you the best and ultimate Burj Al Arab Tour in Dubai at the most affordable rates. You can have all the fun over here without having any problem or issues related to your transportation and movement as well. So, hire us not and have the best visit to the Burj Al Arab at your very first visit to Dubai and then make your own gallery of memories here.

Note: Early Reservations are recommended. Group bookings and exclusive can be arrange on request, please inquire the rates

Burj Khalifa Tour

Burj Khalifa Tour

With GHT Dubai now you can have the best view of Dubai from Burj Khalifa, we offer you the Burj Khalifa Tour in Dubai that will bring a number of exciting experiences in package. This is the time to brace yourself and go ahead to visit the highest Burj in the world and face the ultimate heights over there. The Burj is known for its amazing heights and gives you a number of chances to have the best view as well. we have arranges the tour for you where you can experience the heights and a lot more in the Burj Khalifa and also get to know some of the shocking facts about the building, its design and construction as well.

Touch New Heights

Being at the 2700 ft height is enough for you to watch the city and touch the sky as well. It will be an amazing experience for you to stand in between the heaven and earth on a tower stand that will simply make thinks more exciting and thrilling for you. We make sure that you could enjoy the highest level of the Burj with all of its pride and perfection as well.

Experience Life There

In the Burj Khalifa Tour in Dubai we let you to enjoy the best of it and experience the life and luxury at the Burj as well. You will be briefed about each and every floor of the Burj and also get to know about the places and sections inside to make you even happier. Along with the visits you can have the lunch or refreshments at the best café and restaurants over there. In addition to the in the Burj there are a number f play lands for the kids and spas and many more to give you a better time pass. Along with the corporate sector you will get a chance to shop around easily at all the leading brand stores.

Get Trapped into its Spell

The Burj Khalifa is something that will definitely mesmerize you with is giant structure and simple beauty as well. Stand on its base and looking upward and then experience its heights are the two different feelings that you will get. It will be a memorable tour for you that you will remember for long in your life. The tour will have:

  • Heighted experience at the Burj
  • Visits to all floors
  • Shop around
  • Check out restaurants
  • Visit corporate floors
  • Many more

Be Ready!

If you really want to invest your time in visiting some kind of amazing places and wonders that are created by man then here is the opportunity you have. You can book with us for the Burj Khalifa Tour in Dubai and get ready to grab all the excitement and fun together. It will be a great pleasure for you to hit the right things over here. It will be really an amazing and safe experience for you to enjoy the look on the city from a far distance and on eventful nights the best fireworks and like shows as well.

Note: Early Reservations are recommended. Group bookings and exclusive can be arrange on request, please inquire the rates

East Coast Tour

East Coast Tour

GHT Dubai gives you the best opportunity to enjoy the beaches of Dubai in Best East Coast Tour in Dubai. It is really impossible that you are in Dubai and you are not going to visit is ultimate beaches that are specifically prepared according to the international standards to facilitate all the visitors here. It will be an amazing experience for you to visit the East Coast over here. As you have seen so many beaches and had a lot of fun there but here there is something new and different that you haven’t experience before for sure.

Best Beaches

Dubai is known to own the best beaches around the world, the beaches here are well maintained and organized. In your tour to the East Coast you will get to spend the best time of your live on beach. Here you will get ultimate entertainment and much more fun that you can only imagine. The beaches are clean and offer you:

  • Ultimate water sports
  • Partying facility
  • Ultimate dine outs
  • Bonfires and many more

Water Sports

It is impossible that you are in a cost area and you will not have any of the water sports over there. In Best East Coast Tour in Dubai we manage to provide you the best water sports facility over there so you have the ultimate fun in the water and enjoy it to the fullest level as well. Here you can simply get to do the surfing, water boat rite, water bike ride, swimming and many other sports that you can enjoy with your partners. We arrange a whole place for you where you can stay for a long day and enjoy until you want to and then at night you have some cozy and refreshing time with your friends around the bonfire on the beach.

In the Tour!

The tour is planned to provide you the best and soothing time that will relax your nerves and give you ultimate happiness as well. We make sure that all of the arrangements should be made according to your requirements and you will have the best time on the Coast. In the tour you will have:

  • A long day at the beach
  • Lavish lunch at beach restaurant
  • Water sports
  • Evening beach party
  • Bone fire dinner
  • Drinks on demand
  • Much more

Plan Today!

It will be a great experience for you to have Best East Coast Tour in Dubai that will simply make you relax and let you to spend the quality time with your family and friends as well. The tour we are offering you is simply suitable for all the family and friends groups and couples as well. You can make your own plans and bookings and we facilitate you in the best manner according to our traditions. For queries, bookings and more details we are online round the clock 24/7 all around the year. In the festive season even we are more active to let you to celebrate the events effectively and make your memories.

Note: Early Reservations are recommended. Group bookings and exclusive can be arrange on request, please inquire the rates

Dolphin Show

Dolphin Show

GHT Dubai offers you to have the best and pleasant time in Dubai with the dolphins by getting Dubai Dolphinarium Tour Package. In this package we offer you to spend the quality time with the dolphins at the Dubai Dplhinarium, along with playing with them you can enjoy the dolphin show where these loving sea creatures will perform a number of acts to amuse you. It will be really an amazing time for you to have the best and ultimate fun and some adventures with them. At the Dplhinarium you can interact with the dolphins and play with them directly as well and they definitely respond to your actions and commands as well.

A Family Event

Throughout you stay in Dubai we are providing you the best family event at Dubai Dplhinarium, where you can enjoy with your kids and dolphins as well. It will be a complete entertainment package where you can relax yourself easily. When your kids are not so interested in all the sand and desert action then you can give them something soft and light that will make them happier and let them experience something that is really adorable. This will bring you some of the exotic memories to you and you can have them along in your whole life.

Perfect Interaction

In the Dubai Dolphinarium Tour Package you are allowed to have the quality time with the dolphins apart from their show. At once you will get amused by their acts on the other side you will have a perfect interaction with them by playing with them in the pool and outside as well. This will be really cute for you watching your kids interacting with the cutest sea animal on the planet. The sight worth watching and will be in your memory book for long throughout your life.

A Lot More

Dubai Dplhinarium provides the best surroundings for the dolphins to live comfortably there and they live there happily so they make others happy as well. Surrounded by the happy animal you also get a lot of happiness in your heart and the tour proves to be very effective for you. If you want to make your special one feel happy and different then it is the best option you have to catch up. During the tour you will get unlimited fun:

  • A long day at Dubai Dplhinarium
  • Play games with dolphins
  • Dolphin show
  • Pictures, sports and explorations
  • Much more to do

Be Ready to Mesmerized

Contact us to get Cheap Dubai Dolphinarium Tour Package and be ready to be mesmerized by the cuteness and love of the dolphins and to get gel up with them so well. It will be definitely a remarkable day of your life that gives you happiness for longer period of time and will be one of the golden memories as well. We are ready to arrange the best tours for you around the year on the priority basis to make your trip and tour memorable and perfect for you memory box.

Note: Early Reservations are recommended. Group bookings and exclusive can be arrange on request, please inquire the rates