Heli Tour

Heli Tour

GHT Dubai brings a VIP protocol Cheap Helicopter Tour in Dubai that lets you to have a classic air tour of the whole Dubai with the best guide as well. This seems to be a great opportunity for you as we are offering you this classic tour at really very affordable rates by considering that it is your right to feel happy and experience all he happiness. In the tour you will get to stay at the Burj Al Arab’s Helipad and will get to have a number of other destinations as well.


Be Classy

We are known as experts to make up something exceptional and unique possible for our clients and here are providing you the ultimate classic experience of being in the air of Dubai. When you have a classy taste then it should depict in your actions and we are providing you the option to have a quick, classy and adventurous experience of visiting Dubai by the sky. In the tour you will have the ultimate experience of sightseeing and much more to do that will simply makes up your day and add up another memory to your life.


Fly Over Dubai

When you are not feeling to visit all the sand dunes, sea sights and other major destinations separately due to less time or some other problems then our Cheap Helicopter Tour in Dubai will facilitate you. You do not have to visit every place in single as you can simply go for a perfect flight in Dubai staying in the air you can enjoy a number of things that you might not be able to while on the ground. In the air you could have:

  • Best sightseeing of Dubai
  • Aerial view of the city
  • Aerial photography
  • Roof top experiences
  • Hit the dessert
  • All the leading buildings and attractions
  • Much more….


Our Specialization

In providing the helicopter tour services we are the pro and this is not because we are claiming but in fact we hold great experience in the field. Along with that we have some of the extremely amazing helicopters along with the best and qualified pilots that are always available with dedication. We makes sure that our clients will get the comfortable, secure and eventful journey throughout the day and to ensure that our professional made all the arrangements in advance and then cross check them as well.

  • Dedicated pilots
  • Insured and maintained helicopters
  • Extremely classic arrangements
  • Safety precautions
  • Much more….


Let’s Buckle Up!

We bring the best and Cheap Helicopter Tour in Dubai for you and now it’s the time to get buckle up your seats with us and have an amazing aerial tour to Dubai. This will be an everlasting experience for you that will keep your memories ever green. Experiences the wonderful city in a wonderful way is something that is simply wonderful itself. Come and have the best moment of your life in Dubai with our dedicated team of professionals that is eager to make sure that you will get the deserved entertainment.

Note: Early Reservations are recommended. Group bookings and exclusive can be arrange on request, please inquire the rates

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