Hot Air Baloon

Hot Air Balloon


GHT Dubai arranges the Hot Air Balloon Tour Dubai for you that will let you to have another view of the sand dunes, sky heighted building, beaches and many more. It will defiantly be a magical moment to have some kind of air adventure and look out the city and its amazing sights from the air being in the hot air balloon. We make sure that you will have the secured journey so we cross check all of the arrangements before you leave and you will have the parachutes and a skilled professional by your side to make sure that you will have the best ideas about your safety just in case of any problem.

Aerial View of the City

It is really amazing to have an aerial view of Dubai by flying in the air; you really do not want to miss the chance at all. This will be a memory traced to your mind and you can do a lot more things by being in the hot air balloon. We are experienced in such kind of services and have the certified equipments as well. This will be an amazing moment you could have photography session over there and can also pass though some of the heighted places by just touching or crossing them and that are simply a unique feeling that you could have and makes you feel a little different for sure.

Unique Experiences

To have the best and unique experience Hot Air Balloon Tour Dubai is the best one, we offer you to have it for couple, for family and friends as well. This will be really something amazing that will simply blow your mind and you could never forget it. This special moment we make sure will remain special and you will securely landed back as well. Along with the tours we also offer you to have some of the specialized celebrations in the Hot Air Balloon. You can make some private celebrations as well that will always remain in your memory lane for a longer period of time.

Simply the Fun

The Hot Air Balloon is a simply fun and adventure that will let you to execute more plans of yours as well. We offer you to have:

  • Personalized air traveling
  • Special celebrations
  • Sightseeing
  • City over view
  • Much more


Lets Fly!

By considering all the atmosphere conditions we let you to plan up this adventurous ride and make sure that you will not hit any wrong direction while in the air so our professionals are by your side always. We make sure that you will not have to face any kind of bad or unexpected encounter with anything dangerous in the air. At the Hot Air Balloon Tour Dubai you will have all of the security measure with you as well just in case of any uncertainty you will be guided to secure yourself first. To enjoy the amazing time in the air of Dubai, contact us now and book your Hot Air Balloon Tour.

Note: Early Reservations are recommended. Group bookings and exclusive can be arrange on request, please inquire the rates

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