Overnight Desert Safari

Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

With GHT you can have a classic overnight desert safari Dubai that will beyond your expectations and bring you excitement to a perfect climax for sure. Here we present you the best overnight experience at the desert safari Dubai with all luxuries and fantasies as well. After having the best camel ride and a view of all sand hills beautiful sun set it is amazing to enjoy a full moon night in the central heart of desert. We arrange a special night camp with all luxuries and entertainment that carries traditional B.B.Q, music and many more for entertainment all the night.

From Sunset to Sunrise

It is really a breath taking moment to watch the sun drowning in the sand hills of deserts by making it all red. It is a beautiful moment to capture and at the overnight desert safari Dubai tour you will get a chance to capture the moment in the lens of your eye and camera as well. On contrary to that you will witness the warmth of sunrise from the cold sand after tearing the night skin apart and shining brightly. It will be definitely mesmerizing for you to witness and will make up your day for sure ahead. We make sure that you could enjoy every bit of it and have a new look on the natural beauty of desert.

All Night Fun

You overnight stay at the desert safari Dubai will be fully packed with fun and entertainment for sure. We make sure that our guest will have the perfect gala time here and for that purpose we have arranges a lavish camp with multiple entertainment programs over there. Here are special concerts for real folk music and belly dance along with the display of real dessert culture that will keep you engaged all the night. You can get to experience the real Arabian culture of desert over there in the night. After enjoying all the shades of entertainment and adventure you can reties to your lavish camp into a peaceful slumber.


We are available round the clock and suggest the advance bookings especially in the seasonal timing.

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